How to recycle the oil?

the best oil for frying fish

People are increasingly concerned about the environment, and when it comes to kitchen scraps, it’s a big deal. Therefore, the used olive oil from our fried foods must be recycled or reused. Because it becomes very polluting, even more so if it ends up in the rivers.


  1. How to recycle cooking oil?
  2. High volume recycling
  3. Tips for cook oil recycling
  4. Why should recycle the oil?

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1. How to recycle cooking oil?

Many people don’t refuse the oil at all, that is, they use it once, and then throw it away. In the case of using a good extra virgin olive oil, especially of the picual and cornicabra variety, we can reuse it up to 10 times. We can reuse it so many times, if we preserve it well. However, on the subject of conservation, we recommend you read our article: Best oil for frying

Focusing on the issue of recycling, what you need to do is the following:

First thing you do, you keep all your used oil in a bottle with a cap. Once filled, it will be available for recycling.
To dispose of used oil, you must take it to a clean point.

2. High volume recycling

For the recycling of high volumes, there are companies that collect the oil, and then take it to some point where they recycle it.

In this case, it is best to search on the Internet or ask your local authorities for directions on how to dispose of these oils.

3. Tips for cook oil recycling

Used oil can be put to many uses, the most interesting of which are as follows:

a) To make soap:

Refusing used oil to make soap is a fantastic idea. This way we will refuse the oil, have a fantastic soap and save money.

In my case, this soap made with used oil, I use it to make soap for clothes and to wash the floors. Although I sometimes use it for my body. In the case of personal use, I make the soap with extra virgin olive oil. The latter is much softer and more moisturizing.

b) Making gasoline

Another of the uses that can be given to the oil, is for the elaboration of bio-diesel. The elaboration of this is very complicated, although very interesting, both for the pocket and the environment.

In my case, I have visited some individuals who make it for their own consumption, but they had to make important investments and study the subject very well.

4. Why should we recycle the oil?

The oils must be recycled, as they are thrown directly into nature, as two things could happen. Either it stays in the ground and takes tens of years to decompose or it ends up in the rivers. In the rivers and due to its density, it would remain floating on the surface and it would not let pass the oxygen inside thin, as consequence they would finish hundreds of fish dying for lack of this component to breathe.

Therefore, it is very important that we recycle the oils in our clean point or refuse them with the advice above.

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