Good honey will come out of these flowers

flores de mi jardín en primavera

With the arrival of spring, comes life and the strong bustle of bees and other insects. the bees come out of the long winter lethargy and go to work collecting new food for the hive, collecting pollen, nectar and propolis. They are all in full production making their first raw honeys. A new delight that we will taste another year.

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Flowers, bees, honey and Madrid

In the middle of March came some splendid days of heat in Madrid and with the last rainy days, the countryside became beautiful. Taking advantage of these splendid days, you can do one of the things I like most in this life, contemplate nature, flowers and insects that are brought by these beautiful flowers full of life.

The bees photographed are wild bees, a shame, because I would love to taste their raw and natural honey.

To be able to show these natural beauties, I took my camera of photos and immortalised these wonders.

I took the next photo in a translucent light.

Photo 1: Flowers of Madrid

This photo below, I took it from a small garden that my parents have where they grow beautiful flowers. When I took the photo I could hear the plunge of some bees, but it was difficult to photograph them, as they moved very quickly.

Photo 2: Flowers from my parents’ garden

Here I was able to catch the beautiful bees, all of them wild, so I won’t be able to taste their honey.

Also, this bush was full of bees and I even saw some wasps. I loved seeing the bush full of insects, mainly bees, and hearing their buzz.

Photo 3: Bee pollination of flowers

Photo 4: Another bee pollination of the bush flowers.

Not only were there these types of flowers, I also found a flowering pear tree. The pear tree was very small, but it was full of flowers and a few bees flew over it.

Photo 5: Bee pollination of the pear tree.

It is a wonder to enjoy spring, good temperature, long days and a nature full of life and contrasts, a pity that is not spring all year round.

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