Fantastic pairings of honey with herbal teas and infusions

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Infusions and teas are a fantastic breakfast for every morning, which are substitutes for many other beverages such as coffee and chocolate in a cup. However, an important point to enhance their flavour and properties is how we sweeten them. Honey, of course, plays a fundamental role in their pairing and in the enhancement of their properties. Moreover, for the exquisite, we can find the best pairing for each type of honey.

Therefore, we are going to give you some fantastic ideas for pairing your infusions with each type of honey.


  1. Black teas
  2. Green teas
  3. Red teas
  4. White teas
  5. Roibos

Summary: Fantastic pairings to give a special touch to your teas and infusions. Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid we have a delicious selection of teas and roiboos as well as our fantastic selection of honeys.

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1. Black teas

Black teas, which are teas with a stronger flavour, go very well with strong honeys such as thyme honey. Therefore, the mixture of flavours that gives the strong taste of thyme honey, with black tea, is delicious. To which you can also add a little milk of animal origin. A delicious and very nutritious drink with the fantastic benefits of honey.

a) Our black teas

Currently we do not have in our online shop the teas and infusions that we sell in our physical shop in Las Rozas. However, these are the different types of black teas that we have available here:

100 % British: This tea contains OP black tea (49%), BOP1A black tea (46%), cornflower petals, bergamot aroma and mallow flowers.

Good morning: This infusion contains Assam black tea (80%) and OP black tea (20%).

India chai: This tea contains OP black tea (63%), ginger, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves, spicy aroma and aroma of bergamot and cinnamon.

2. Green teas

Green teas, which have milder and more aromatic flavours, are best paired with more mellow and smooth honeys such as orange blossom honey, lavender, rosemary and mille-flower.

a) Our green teas

You can also find in our shop the following variety of green teas, which are as follows:

Green china: Delicious Gunpowder green tea in a rolled leaf.

Marrakesh: Infusion containing Gunpowder green tea, mint, sunflower petals, jasmine petals and mint aroma.

Slimm green: Infusion containing Sencha green tea, cinnamon, ginger, orange, cloves, pepper, natural orange flavouring and spicy flavouring.

3. Red teas

Red teas are more aromatic, and to enhance their aromas, it is great to pair them with honeys such as lavender, orange blossom and lemon.

a) Our red teas

The red teas that we have at your disposal in our shop are the following:

Red power: This tea contains Pu-Erh red tea, rose petals, papaya, berries and strawberry aroma.

Pu-ehr: This tea contains Pu-Erh red tea.

4. White teas

The white teas with the finest aromas and also delicious, we recommend pairing them with milder honeys such as orange blossom, rosemary, lemon, acacia and tajinaste.

a) Our white teas

The following white teas are also available:

White delight: Infusion containing Pai Mu Tan white tea, apple, cinnamon, orange, hibiscus, mint, sunflower petals, rose petals, vanilla aroma, jasmine petals and natural mandarin aroma.

5. Roiboos

Roibos are very aromatic, and to enhance and not mask their aroma, they are best paired with rosemary, lavender, acacia and basil honey.

a) Our roiboos

The roiboos infusions that we have in our shop are the following:

Essential roiboos: This infusion contains rooibos Kromland (Aspalathus Linearis).

Roiboos and co: This tea contains the following ingredients: Kromland rooibos, orange, cinnamon, sunflower petals, natural orange flavouring, natural mandarin flavouring and cinnamon flavouring.

In short, we recommend milder teas and infusions with milder honeys, such as rosemary and acacia. For infusions with more flavour and in which we are looking for a combination of aromas, the best honeys are dark honeys such as arm and forest and thyme and eucalyptus, all of which have powerful aromas. However, it is the taste of each person that will determine the use of one honey or another.


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