False honey myths

Los mitos de la miel

Raw honey, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, extra virgin olive oil are fantastic products, but they are not miraculous. On the Internet, we continually find advertisements for natural recipes that will quickly eliminate health problems or have miraculously rejuvenating effects. We consume these products in moderation, but let us not be fooled by fantasies.

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Honey and miracle recipes

It is known for all the many benefits that honey brings us, both for our health and for the care of our skin in natural cosmetics products.

Also, when we open our social networking accounts, such as facebook, twiter, instagram, goople +, we often get news about wonderful natural products to end many of the health problems we commonly experience. This wonderful news also speaks of honey, giving it many properties, which in some cases are not really true.

One of these wonderful recommendations is the one that promises great benefits for our health, advising us to consume a drink that anyone can make at home, consisting of water, honey and cinnamon.

Honey and weight loss

We’re going to hear about this promising drink from nutritionist Renate Frank. According to Renate, water with honey does our stomachs a great deal of good, but does it help with dieting? Does it regulate our digestion?

According to the recipe, two glasses of water with honey a day is a great diet to get rid of the kilos. This recipe involves mixing a quarter liter of hot water with a spoonful of cinnamon coffee to control blood sugar levels, and two tablespoons of honey coffee, which are mixed with the cinnamon water once it has cooled. The recipe recommends drinking a cup of this drink every afternoon and the rest in the mornings – but please cool it down, ensuring that this will help you lose weight, as the honey acts as an evacuator of fat.

According to Renate, this weight loss trick clearly doesn’t work. On the contrary, it creates false promises and raises false expectations about this product, honey. In addition, she added, honey does not function as an evacuator, but as a regulator of digestion.

She has intensively studied the effects of honey on our health and explains: “Even if honey had this evacuating effect, this would not mean that the fat would be broken down with this drink, but that the weight would be slightly reduced, as the liquids and faeces would be excreted.

Picture 1: Raw honey with cinnamon

Honey with cinnamon

The effect of the cinnamon also calls this into question.

You can also read from other articles of doubtful truthfulness that cinnamon also helps with weight loss, as well as lowering blood sugar levels. Both of these statements are wrong.

In addition, it is dangerous to drink cinnamon every day, because the cinnamon that is usually consumed belongs to the species Cassia, which contains high amounts of coumarin. A component that acts at a small level as a liver toxin and can cause headaches and dizziness. A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon coffee already exceeds the highest dose recommended by the German National Institute for Teenagers.

In this study, Renate Frank ends up telling us that there are no fat eliminators and that the only way to lose weight is when your calorie intake is lower than what you consume.


German magazine specialized in beekeeping and honey “Bienen Journal”. http://www.bienenjournal.de/

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