10 reasons to enjoy raw honey every day

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Honey, and especially quality honey commonly called raw or pure honey, is one of the most appreciated foods since ancient times for its numerous health benefits and for skin care as a natural cosmetic product. Honey is still a food with great recognition today, but is being left aside by its concept of high calorific power, ie, food that many people believe that jumps in the air our diet slimming.


  1. Why should you consume raw honey?
  2. Consume and buy local raw honey
  3. Taking honey in summer
  4. Benefits of drinking honey on an empty stomach

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1. Why should you consume raw honey?

Many people only consume honey to cure autumn and spring cold in a natural way. With this article we want to convince you that honey should always accompany our daily diet. A sweetener that should be part of one of the best diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet and taking advantage of the occasion, that always accompanies us also a good extra virgin olive oil.

Other sweeteners, such as stevia, maple syrup, etc. are also magnificent sweeteners that can act as a complement to a quality raw honey, but it is a pity that we abandon the honey with the enormous benefits it brings to our health, and if we use it as a cosmetic, for our skin and personal care.

In this article we are going to highlight 10 of the fantastic benefits that a good raw honey has. These benefits can be more accentuated in each type of honey, because dark honeys such as heather and thyme, contain more minerals and light honeys such as rosemary, lavender and orange blossom, greater amounts of antioxidants, but all of them have magnificent properties.

a) Raw honey is rich in antioxidants

Especially the clearest honeys; thyme, rosemary, lavender, orange blossom. These contain phenols, enzymes, flavonoids and organic acids that provide enormous benefits for our health. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which accelerate degenerative diseases and the aging of our body.

b) Reduces the risk of heart disease.

Thanks to the antioxidants contained in raw honey, consumption of this product reduces the likelihood of developing heart disease and heart attacks. In addition, as numerous studies show, honey also helps control blood sugar levels and improves the health of our eyes.

c)  Raw honey improves good cholesterol levels

Several investigations have shown that honey lowers bad cholesterol, blood triglycerides, reducing circulatory system problems.

d)  Honey acts against constipation, colds and sore throat

This being a perfect natural medicine to cure them. This is due to the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of honey, to possess a high concentration of sugars and enzymes, which in contact with water and the action of peroxidase enzymes, peroxides are formed, disinfectant compounds. Of all the honeys, the most effective of all for these purposes is eucalyptus honey, which in addition to possessing the natural properties of any honey, contains eucalyptol, a disinfectant compound that opens the nasal passages. Lavender honey is also very effective.

Photo 1: Eucalyptus honey from a beekeeper in Alcarria

e)  Honey hydrates and moisturizes our skin

Ideal for making regenerating, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle facial creams in a natural and fantastic way for all skin types. Even using honey directly on the skin.

f)  Honey reduces allergies.

Honey not only has anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps with its small amounts of pollen to make our body immune from allergies. Numerous studies have shown that cleanliness and little contact with nature is the reason for the onset of allergies. About 30 years ago, they hardly existed. Therefore, a continuous contact with pollen in small amounts will immunize us against many allergies and strengthen our immune system.

g) Honey helps to heal wounds and burns.

Raw honey is rich in bactericidal and antifungal components, together with its low water concentration, it is ideal for healing wounds, cuts and burns. Also, by covering damaged skin with honey, it creates an ideal moisture film for quick skin regeneration and prevents the formation of marks.

h)  Honey is an ideal food for the brain.

Honey can reduce metabolic stress of the brain, which helps to fall asleep.

i)  Honey reduces hair itching and dandruff.

Thanks to its disinfectant and moisturizing properties, honey relieves itching and hydrates the scalp, reducing the effects of dandruff. Ideal for all hair types.

j)  Honey improves the performance of athletes.

Honey maintains glycogen levels and improves physical recovery after a big effort.

2. Consume and buy local raw honey

Nowadays there is a great fraud with honey. In Spain, a great amount of honey arrives every year from Asian countries. Honeys of a terrible quality, and in many cases, they are not even honeys. Many of these honeys come from other sources such as corn. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the benefits of honey, you must always buy quality honey. Because honey substitutes do not have the properties of honey.

In our store in Las Rozas de Madrid, we only sell quality raw honey. To ensure this, we have visited our beekeepers, visited their facilities and asked for all their certificates, especially from organic beekeepers. As a result, we can assure that the honey comes from Spanish and serious beekeepers committed to quality and the environment.

Finally, if you consume quality raw honey from local beekeepers, you will help the environment, the pollination of wild flowers, crops and the fixation of population in rural areas. Therefore, drinking quality honey is full of benefits.

3. Take honey in summer

For many, honey is only taken during the coldest seasons, when sore throats, colds and colds are common. We recommend taking it every year. The reason is very simple, honey is a magnificent food that as we have seen is worth taking every day. Of course, as any calorific food, we should not abuse it, because consequently, it will make us take extra kilos.
4. Benefits of taking honey on an empty stomach

Honey is a very complete food that brings enormous benefits to our health. This product provides us with energy and a large amount of nutrients needed by the body. Likewise, its bactericidal capacity helps to overcome colds, flu and infections.

All these properties provided by honey can be enhanced if taken on an empty stomach. When taken on an empty stomach, the body absorbs more easily all the nutrients of honey. Consequently, we will absorb more nutrients and its properties will be enhanced.

However, from my point of view, we should not be obsessed with taking the products on an empty stomach. For me, the most important thing is that we choose quality raw honeys and that we take them whenever we want.



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